A Varied Diet...

(Originally posted 21/10/09, but blogger went mental...)

What a crazy day...

Firstly I photograph a cheque presentation. Pretty normal you might say...except this cheque was for £25,000 from a company called DONG (insert your own joke here). Then I was office bound for a while sticking stickers on photos for a window display.
After that it was time to get paid for carving pumpkins. "WooHoo!!" you shout, but its a lot harder when you're trying to film and photograph a "how to" guide to pumpkin carving, something I haven't done in years!

The whole process took longer than had been anticipated, so we got in trouble with the boss.
Then I'm doing a feature about 3 generations of a family genetically prone to cancer.

After this its time to drive 20 odd miles down country roads, park up, walk up to a tent in a wood, get told to walk to a set in the 3rd muddy field on the right...about a mile of 'muddy walking with a hole in my shoe' later I arrive on set to photograph a scene from a short film staring actress Vicky McClure (from 'This is England' etc) called Just Before Dawn.

(Vicky McClure and Andy Bates in 'Just Before Dawn')

A lot of standing around waiting for some action (insert own joke here...Ian), but it was nice to be doing something really different.

...I guess this was a good day at work. What do they say? Variety is the spice of life!


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