So its War!! I'm off to the Battlefield!!...

 Just how many of the enemy I took down with my sealant gun, I really don't know, but I had fun doing it. This was just a lighting test, and also a chance to play a little with photoshop. I don't often have the time or patience to work on my photoshop skills outside of the accepted practice of levels/sharpen/colourbalance etc.. at work.

Sometimes I take my work too seriously, yet those who know me well are well aware that I will often play the fool. Its a way of getting through it all and keeping a smile on my face.

This week I met a ww2 veteran who also had a smile on his face. A lovely man who was more than happy to let me photograph him over and over again. There was a charm about him I really wanted to capture while I had the chance.

We sat and chatted about how he had recently visited the place where he had helped build a bridge over the river Rhine for Allied tanks to cross during 1945. He showed me a photograph of  himself stood in a museum next to a jeep like the ones he used to drive. I really enjoyed listening to his stories and could have chatted with him for hours.

I've got lots more to post, but I'm just keeping this one simple, so keep tuning in for more episodes of G.I. (general idiot) Joe!!


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