My new bike!!

It's not real, it's only a model.

I built this a while ago now, my brother got it me as a present. I've been off work ill today, so got bored and started playing around with my latest toy er... I mean 'lighting tool'. The Lastolite TriFlip 8:1

What you will need in order to recreate this image is as follows;

- 1 dusty model of a Kawasaki zx10r (nothing else will do)
- 1 ridiculously messy dining room (or other totally unsuitable space)
- 1 overpriced trigrip reflector (or white bed sheet)
- 1 overpriced lumiquest softbox (or make your own cardboard softbox)
- 1 reasonably priced 12" silver reflector (or tin foil)
- 2 flash units
- 1 very expensive lightstand (or a nice friend prepared to stand perfectly still for hours while holding a flash unit)
- Wireless trigger system (or optical trigger system, depending on your flashes. I use Nikon SB800's)
- other bitz n bobz I've already forgotten I used...

I'm using the trigrip as both a diffuser and a table here, so I can light the underside giving an even shadowless (nearly) finish. The flash unit underneath is placed directly under the bike, about 2ft away. This makes the light fall off into the distance, giving a greyness to the background higher up the image.
I placed the softbox above and slightly behind the bike and used the little reflector to bounce some of the light into the shadows on the front of the bike.

I'm a newcomer to this, so there are probably (definitely) better ways of doing this sort of photography. This is just how I hashed mine together on a whim after seeing another overpriced gadget from Lastolite, and thinking "hmm...I wonder if I can do that?"


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