Going mobile

Im writing to you from the confines of my mobile phone, or cell as you americans might call it. So it wont be a long one. im not the geekiest of people when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of modern technology. i got a little overwhelmed about 5 years ago, lost interest for a while and then got completely left behind.

now, using my thumbs to fumbley tap a qwerty keyboard on a touch sensitive screen that doubles as a cordless telephone, i can communicate with the whole world because of wifi connecting my mobile to a wireless router which connects me with the world wide web through the copper wires of my landline!

as i quickly approach my 29th birthday, its astonishing to think that most of the technology mentioned above that we all take for granted didnt exist before i was born.

even more startling is the speed in which digital photography is moving. it doesnt seem 2 minutes since nikon released the D3, now we have the D3s. i wonder where camera tech will be by the time i get my paws on a D3s?..


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